It all started with an idea

Brought together by a secluded farmstead nestled in Hopewell Township, a Wall Street Banker looking to be part of the solution by mitigating climate risk buys a farm and partners with a Pennington Family with a shared conviction to save the world through composting and regenerative farming practices. Together their combined vision is to provide their communities with a sustainable food source, reduce carbon and greenhouse gases and drive planet positive benefits by offering commercially viable Farm-to-Table and Table-to-Farm brands and experiences.  

(Left to right) Hayden Geurds is our Livestock Manager, Master Carpenter and owner of HJG Designs providing custom furniture, cabinetry, and structures. Rudolph (Dolph) Geurds is our Farm Manager, Landscape and Permaculture Architect, and owner Terra Preta LLC providing OneCompostCan and Landscape Design and Build Solutions. Don Farineau is the Farm Owner and Founder of Living Beanstalk LLC providing Risk Management Consulting.

100 acres just outside  Lambertville, New Jersey

This plot of paradise originated as a dairy farm in the early 1800s and has been harvested for corn and soy for the last twenty-five years. The barns have come and gone while the silo and old farm house continue to tower over this property as they await their new lease on life. 

Rescued in early 2022, Don Farineau, Dolph Geurds, and his son Hayden Geurds have joined forces to restore this amazing farmstead and become the authors of its next chapter called GROUNDSWELL reFARMative.   

We are keen to advance the regenerative farming movement, leverage insights from some of the amazing pioneers in the field today and build on our own experiences through sweat, tears and joy. We hope we can inspire others to chart similar courses for a more planet positive and sustainable existence in the future and be a Farm-to-Table provider to you and your family. 

For more information regarding our Table-to-Farm composting pick up service where we rescue local food waste to improve soil heath and our environment, then please visit OneCompostCan

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